Mister Irresistible
Weight: 340 lbs.
Height: 6'4
Hometown: Hollywood, CA
Entrance Theme: "Sexy And I Know It" by LMFAO
Affiliation: None.
Signature Moves: The Irrisistiblizer (Russian Leg Sweep)
Finisher: Simply Irresistible (Rock Bottom)
Titles: None as of now.
Quote: "Watching me in the ring is SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE!"

Mister Irresistible is a brand new acquisition to the MWF roster. Having traveled the wrestling circuit for 10 years never given a fair shot in any wrestling federation, he has come to the MWF for two reasons to win wrestling gold and to show the MWF fans how "Simply Irresistible" he truely is! Coming to the ring with a mirror in hand, he clearly thinks very fondly of himself, but too bad for the Irresistible One...so far all the MWF fans think is that he is UGLY!!

Mister Irresistible plans to make a mark in his MWF tenure and has said he also plans to come home every show with the most beautiful lady in the audience, when asked why he hadn't taken a lady home with him yet, he was quoted as saying..."Have you looked at the women in the crowd?! So far I haven't seen a single good looking girl out there yet!" Hopefully, Mister Irresistible's mouth wont get him in too much trouble in his new home of the Millennium Wrestling Federation!!


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